50runs – more than just running!

Are you looking for motivation to stay active in winter? Let yourself be inspired by "50runs", a running project launched 11 years ago by René Voglmayr. With the slogan "50 runs through the winter", René has not only created a running community, but also a movement that spurs each other on.

But "50runs" goes far beyond the sporting dimension. Every year, the commitment and passion of the community is used to raise money for charity. Last year alone, "50runs" raised around 1000 euros for "Herzkinder" - an organization dedicated to supporting children with heart disease.

So with "50runs" you are doing double the good: you are looking after your own health and at the same time making a valuable contribution to society.

Implementation of the website

With 50runs' corporate identity (CI) in mind, we opted for next.js for the implementation of the website - and for good reason. The web development framework React in combination with next.js are not only unbeatable in terms of performance, but also offer a first-class experience for developers. This allows us to create websites for our clients in less time, and in doing so we have moved away from the often sluggish Wordpress. Our project is hosted securely and reliably on

Strapi CMS: The modern choice for content management

Headless CMS are currently on everyone's lips - and Strapi belongs precisely to this category. Based on open source technology, Strapi offers a customized solution that can be perfectly adapted to the specific needs of the customer. Strapi focuses on the essentials: Users can enter structured data in an intuitive way, which is then used to generate the website. The result? A user-friendly and efficient content management system that is ideal for our customers.


So far we have talked about 50runs as a website. But the spectrum of 50runs goes far beyond that. We are now moving into the area of mobile applications.

Users can now register, log in and, if necessary, recover their access via the "forgotten password" function. So it's not just a place to find information, but an interactive platform that deepens and broadens the user experience. With 50runs, you are always just one click away from a dynamic and engaged running community!

Just like on well-known platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, members can create posts. But that's not all: every post can be commented on or acknowledged with a reaction.

A special highlight of 50runs is our unique reaction: the double underlined "50". Inspired by the double underlined "100" emoji, this symbol gives our posts a special touch and underlines the identity of 50runs. It's not just a simple number - it's a sign of recognition and unity that fits the brand perfectly.

You can check in your completed runs and compare your progress with other members of the community. Who was the most active this week? Who covered the most kilometers? Find out on our leaderboard!

But it's not just about the sporting competition. You can also make a difference in the world with every run you enter. Set whether and how much you want to donate per completed run. In this way, 50runs combines fitness with social responsibility - and enables you to get involved for your own health as well as for a good cause.

One more thing - AI

The 50runs app has another ace up its sleeve. By using artificial intelligence (AI), we are taking interaction on the platform to a whole new level.

Would you like to comment on a run or a post, but you don't have the right words? No problem! Simply select one of three moods - motivating, challenging or supportive - and our AI will generate a suitable comment for you in no time at all. And the best thing about it: you have full control. Before publishing, you can customize and personalize the comment suggested by the system.

With this feature, 50runs makes it easier than ever to actively participate in the community and give feedback to other runners. Sharing support and motivation has never been easier!